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If you are unsure what to file,

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If you are representing yourself and are lost,

I can help you find your way.

I can help you navigate the forms, understand the language used in court, show you how ​to document evidence, and help you form a strategy to navigate this trying period.


List of Acronyms

Where to go?

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What to File?






A motion is when you ask the court to do something.


An order, when signed by the court, is something you ​are required to follow, like a law made just for your ​case. If you do not follow it you can be held in contempt.

Notice of _:

A notice is just that, notifying someone of something. ​This could be a notice of a hearing, or a notice to appear. ​You need to give the other party notice of a court date.

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  • 15 Min Initial - No Charge
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About Me

I am a mother, protector, caregiver, and teacher.

My focus in life has been to raise, protect, and care for children, be it as a foster parent, with my own children, or through employment. My goals in life ​have been all about the children. When my twins were 4 years old, I found myself in the middle of an awful divorce, struggling to understand what to ​do. I was flailing about being unable to get the family court system to work for me. I went through attorney after attorney. The first two just didn't ​seem to get it. The third one cost so much money that I couldn't keep up financially. By then, my legal fees totaled $45,000; I was feeling as if we were ​getting nowhere. I knew my children were not safe. I was frustrated that at the speed things were going. Discovery, the start of a case, had not ​happened, a trial had not been set, and I was already two years into this process working off of temporary orders. That is when I decided to go Pro Se ​and represent myself. It was a heart-wrenching decision and one of the best ones I made.

I read Tina Swithin's book Divorcing a Narcissist - One Mom's Battle. Then I read another story like hers and then another. With so many stories of ​people who were finally able to navigate this confusing system and find safety and peace for their children, I knew that with determination, I would also ​succeed at protecting my children. Divorce became my full-time job. Today, my children are safe, happy, and thriving, and I am ready to help others ​navigate this system.

I went on to take the course for High Conflict Divorce Coach through Ms. Swithin's company and learned valuable information to help guide others like ​me, and possibly like you.

What I am not, is an attorney, or a therapist. I can not fill either of those roles for you. I can offer you advice, and guidance, I can help you understand ​how the system works from my perspective. I can help you document your case, and show you ways to get your voice heard. I can not however speak ​for you in court.

If you wish to schedule a free consult with me, send me an email or a text message. I will ask that you fill out some paperwork so that I can learn a little ​about your case and we can make the most of our time.

My Strengths

  • Pro Se Litigants
  • Medically Fragile Children
  • Documentation

Forms for New Clients

* 15 min initial consultations are free of charge *

Please fill out the form below and email it to me prior to scheduling an appointment.

Below is some of the short hand that may be helpful

ATTY Attorney

CAM Child Advocate Manager

CIV Civil

CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program

CP Community Property

CP Custodial Parent

CPS Child Protective Services

CSE Child Support Enforcement

CSW Child Support Worksheet

DARVO Deny – Attack – Reverse Victim & Offender

DOB Date of Birth

DOM Date of marriage

DOS Date of Separation

DV Domestic Violence

DVPO Domestic Violence Protection Order

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EPO Emergency Protective Order

ER Rules of Evidence

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EPO Emergency Protective Order

ER Rules of Evidence

FIL Father In Law

FCS Family Court Services

FL Family Law

Fx Father

GAL Guardian Ad Litem

HCD High Conflict Divorce

HCDC High Conflict Divorce Coach

IPV Intimate Partner Violence

MIL Mother in Law

MSC Mandatory Settlement ​Conference

Mx Mother

OC Opposing Council (Atty for ex)

OCS Order of Child Support

OP Opposing Party (ex & attorney)

OTSC Order to Show Cause

PC Parenting Coordinator

PO Protection Order

PPP Proposed Parenting Plan

PP Parenting Plan

RCW Revised Code of Washington

RO Restraining Order

ROI Release of Information

SA Sexual Assault

SSN Social Security Number

TPO Temporary Protection Order

TPP Temporary Parenting Plan

TRO Temporary Restraining Order

VA Victims Advocate

WAC Washington Administrative Code